The London Legion L5R Monthly Tournament

Saturday 26th October 2019


DateTickets available

The London Legion L5R Monthly Tournament in conjunction with Bad Moon Cafe in central London.

Doors at 8am on Saturday 21st September and the tournament will begin at 11am.

This is a casual event and the number of rounds played will be determined by the number of players.

Elemental roles will not be locked for this event, you may use any elemental role for your deck.

Entry Fee: £7.50 and can be purchased on the Bad Moon Cafe website. Alternatively you can purchase your ticket at the store.

All players in attendance will receive a full rt fan made copy of ‘A Perfect Cut’.

Top of each clan will receive a fan made alternate art version of clan specific cards.

Crab – Boarderlands Defender
Crane- Doji Challenger
Dragon- Kitsuki Investigator
Lion- Lions Pride Brawler
Phoenix- Shiba Yojimbo
Scorpion- Favoured Niece
Unicorn- Master of the Swift Waves

All packs release before the day of the event will be legal.

Fan made cards are allowed at the event, but must be professionally printed (no paper proxies) and your sleeves must be fully opaque. Final adjudication falls with the me, the tournament organiser.

Art sleeves and deck backing are allowed.