Painting Class with Siege Studios – Aug 17th

Thursday 1st January 1970



Siege Studios presents the first of 2 Blending & Weathering one day Master Courses at Bad Moon Cafe for the remainder of 2019. Wanting to up skill your painting, blending & weathering techniques? This is the course for you.

Brush Technique Masterclass:
Our Brush Technique Masterclass is a technique painting course designed to guide, show and push your abilities to the next level, giving you the skills, knowledge and competency to create high level table top miniatures and armies for your hobby. Brush Technique Masterclass is perfect for either hobbyists of a basic level OR those wishing to add and improve on techniques and their ability, to push to that next level!

Tickets available HERE

Brush Technique Masterclass Includes:
– Power Weapon Blending
– Correct Paint Consistency
– Washes Explained
– The Art of Smooth Base Coating
– Blending/layering
– Edge Highlighting
– Weathering, Scratching & Battle Damage
– Grime, Dirt, Rust and Chipping