Pre-orders Saturday 13th April 2019

Perfect for targeting enemy leaders. Once he’s within their ranks, there’s little that can stop this gore-soaked champion from slaying his prey.

The legendary Chaos Lord from the Blackstone Fortress boxed set is now available alone, an imposing figure to lead any Heretic Astartes force.

A key component of any Chaos army, the Dark Apostle can use Prayers to the Dark Gods to enhance nearby units – or himself – with powerful abilities. The Dark Apostle comes with two Dark Disciples.

This new Battletome contains everything you need to know about the flame-haired, Grimnir-worshipping duardin known as Fyreslayers. Learn the Fyreslayer’s lore and master their tactics on the tabletop.

Grab yourself some dice worthy of a true Fyreslayer with this awesome custom set – almost as fun to throw as a fyresteel axe…

Master the might of your Fyreslayers with these easy-reference Warscroll Cards! Warscroll Cards are an invaluable resource for gamers that take your key warscrolls and abilities, and allow you to check them out at a glance. 

Magmic Battleforges form from molten metals drawn from beneath the crust of the realms. On the battlefield, the Fyreslayers can use the powers of these forges to augment their own abilities or ignite the runes worn by their kin.

Magmic Invocations are brought into the game by a Fyreslayer Priest and cause mayhem until disappearing on a random dice roll. As such, Magmic Invocations are a little unpredictable, but superbly useful, particularly as enemy Wizards won’t be able to dispel them!